Our recent appointments brought us north of Kailua along the Windward Coast, where we decided to stop in at He'eia Kea Pier & Deli for lunch. 

Extending into Kaneohe Bay, He'eia pier is a picturesque location for fishing, boating, and other recreational activities - including eating! 

He'eia Pier General Store and Deli showcases local flavors with fresh seafood, poke bowls, kalua pork, and loco moco. Rick and Nani both opted in for the beef stew, a Maxey family favorite. 

This area is also home to the He'eia Fishpond, a 400-year-old Hawaiian aquaculture site which has undergone a significant restoration process over the years to preserve its cultural and environmental significance, including a community-led initiative to rebuild the wall that surrounds the pond. The restoration project also involved clearing the pond of invasive species and replanting native vegetation to restore the ecosystem. This has helped to improve water quality in the area and preserve the biodiversity of the bay. The fishpond is now used as an educational site to teach visitors about traditional Hawaiian aquaculture practices, as well as a location for cultural events and activities.

Rain or shine, we always enjoy visiting He'eia with its scenic ocean views, diverse range of marine life, and cultural significance. You can read more about He'eia fishpond here